Indie coffee passport review

The Indie coffee passport allowed you to get one free espresso based beverage from 30 different coffee shops all around the city. It cost $25, and assuming the average cost of a cappuccino to be $4, you’d need to go to just 7 coffee shops to break even. We tried our best to go to as many places as we could, but at the end managed to just get to a paltry 12 coffee shops. Here are the ones we ended up going to

Thor (
This was easily our best experience. Very good espresso. A little bitter, but amazing finish. Very  nice looking cafe to boot.

Seven Grams (
This coffee shop is in yorkville and I really don’t see many things that stand out in yorkville. Well, I learn how stupid I am everyday, and if it weren’t for the passport, I would’ve never walked in here. Really good espresso. It’s a little more expensive than usual places, but the standard cappuccino comes with a double shot. Excellent coffee.

Terrible. It looks cool, but the coffee is just awful. I think this was one was our least favorite.

Cafe 260(
Very mediocre to bad’ish coffee. Not worth going to.

Very nice barista, and she promised us that her lattes would be better than a cappuccino, but I didn’t know she was going to put a bunch of syrup into our coffee. English toffee and something else I don’t remember. All I remember was how sugary the whole thing was. I’d like to give this place another shot.

Si Espresso Bar
A very unassuming coffee shop. Very small, very cute and the coffee is kick-ass. It was so good, we sat there for 15 minutes and then ordered another one. Great place.

Grinder coffee
This place is a gem on Gerrard. The owner is awesome, and the coffee is pretty damn good too.

Merchants of Green coffee (
This place is kinda hard to find. It looks amazing. I just wanted to sit here and read books on the couch, but the coffee was ok. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. I’d still go here, just for the ambience. Very cool.

Moonbean (
Decent coffee, but quite forgettable.

T.A.N coffee (Queen location) (
This place is hit or miss – I actually had cappuccinos twice here, and one time it was great, and the second time it was terrible. If you’re in the area – probably the best place to get a decent cappuccino.

I love this place. Really really good coffee and some of the baristas can make cool designs –

El Cafecito
This place blows, sorry. The coffee is just terrible. Way too much milk.

Some thoughts
I really enjoyed the whole passport thing. I got to see a bunch of neighborhoods I’d never go to otherwise, and I got to taste some pretty good coffee along the way. I learned a lot about how coffee can taste different and still good – and it’s made me change my ideal from Sam James as the holy grail. I see shades of greatness now. Here’s to next year’s coffee passport.

3 Comments on “Indie coffee passport review”

  1. theccgirl says:

    That’s awesome. I really wanted to try Redline and R Squared but somehow never found the time. I agree with the whole passport experience. I think I’m gonna just go to the ones I missed cuz some are real gems.

    Nice post!

    Btw, if you like to chill at coffee places, you should really try GREEN GRIND. The ambiance is very nice, quiet and bright and my mochaccino was really smooth.

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