$30/week – Final day!

And the last day. We planned out the meals in amazing detail, but the plans fell through, but we still managed to stick to the budget. For the next time we do this, we might skip out on the chickpeas, giving us more money for maybe some more salad or veggies. We sorely missed veggies.

We ended up having oatmeal for breakfast for the last day, and then had the pork shoulder left over, which we pan fried with some potatoes and jalapenos to create our lunch and dinner and used the last of our precious salad. The funny thing about this challenge was that we weren’t craving a lot of food and go pig out afterwords, we felt absolutely fine, and maybe we had a bar of chocolate, but other than that, no big cravings.

What we DID miss was our life. Since we couldn’t spend any money on food/drink, we couldn’t really go out, we couldn’t drink beer, we spent a lot of time at home. There are good and bad things about this, but living on a food budget severely constraints the things you can do.

I don’t have a recipe for our last meal, because it was just left overs we cooked in a pan. Here are some pictures though:


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