$30/week – Day 3

For day 3, breakfast was the last of the breakfast sandwiches. I wish I took some pictures, but getting up late, plus being in a hurry to get to work didn’t give me time to get the pictures. For lunch, we just had the leftover tuna pasta from Day 2. For dinner, we had to do an all vegetarian meal, just so we could save on the meat. I’d say this meal might’ve not been the healthiest, but we tried our best.


Yup. Those are fries. We just peeled some potatoes and Tina pan fried the potatoes. We drained a lot of the oil and then this might be weird for some people, but we ate them with yogurt. I think fries actually go great with yogurt, I guess it’s a little bit like the fries with mayo that the Europeans do.



Delicious carbs, but does the salad make up for the carb madness?

3 Comments on “$30/week – Day 3”

  1. This looks awesome… as a side dish. Are you still hungry after this?

  2. tinaaar says:

    Thanks for posting on $30/Week and congrats on taking steps to eat well on a budget.

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