Indie coffee passport reviews (so far)

So I’ve been trying out the different coffee shops from the Indie coffee passport.  I’ve got a cappuccino from all the places except one, where the barista promised me she’d make us something super special (flavored lattes). So far here’s the places I’ve been to –

Bisogno espresso bar – Definitely the worst cappuccino out of the whole bunch. The milk was very well frothed, and it looked great, but the coffee tasted burnt, and it was quite watery.

Thor Espresso bar – Definitely the best cappuccino out of the whole bunch. The coffee is a little bitter, but after tasting for a while, its really good. Very well made.

Redline Coffee and Espresso Bar – I’d like to give this place another shot. Really nice barista, but she suggested we try the lattes. There was a hazelnut latte and an English toffee latte. The hazelnut lattee was way too sweet, the english toffee was okay, but I think maybe next time I’ll stick to the cappuccinos.

Even though the list is really short, we did try to go to 3 other coffee places, but they were all closed when we got there. Hopefully the remaining places on the list will have some good coffee. So far, nothing has been able to come even close to the holy grail (SJBC).



2 Comments on “Indie coffee passport reviews (so far)”

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