Indie coffee passport

I’ve never been a huge coffee fan until I went to Sam James Coffee Bar (688 Bloor st w, Toronto). This place has the best cappuccino I’ve ever had. Not just in Toronto, I mean – EVER. I haven’t been to Italy, so maybe they make better cappuccinos there, but as of now, nothing beats this place. And since I tasted this cappuccino, now I’ve become a rabid coffee fan, trying to taste whatever cappuccino I can, so I can quickly compare it to SJBC and then dismiss it. The best way to to do this? The Indie coffee passport.

It costs $25, and there’s a list of 30 coffee shops around Toronto, and you get one espresso based beverage for free (roughly $4). So if you went to all 30, you would be getting $120 of coffee for $25. You have until March 2012 to visit all the places, and you get to support independent coffee shops. I don’t get any money for referring this site, but just think it’s a great idea. So if you live in Toronto, head onto for your passport. I picked mine up at one of the participating stores (Thor coffee). The cappuccino was well made, but I think the coffee itself was a little too bitter compared to the holy grail(SJCB)

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