Bacon sundae

When I was in Vegas, one hungover morning I decided to go get some Denny’s with some friends. That’s where I saw it. Surely, this was not real. It couldn’t be. There is ugly food, and then there is abominable food. Of course, I had to try it. Ordering the bacon sundae is no easy feat –

Me: Can I get the bacon sundae?
Waitress: Are you serious?
Me: Yeah, I wonder what it tastes like.
Waitress: You’re the first person ever to order that. 
Are you serious?
Waitress: Yeah, no one working here has ever sold one.
Me: Great, let’s see what this bad boy’s all about.
Waitress: I’m going to put the order in, but I’m actually leaving work now. Could you write a little note for me and tell me how it was? I’m really curious.
Me: Sure

10 minutes later, an older waitress comes out, gives me an odd look and places the sundae on the table.


It was disgusting.

2 Comments on “Bacon sundae”

  1. Michelle says:

    I’ve had bacon chocolate before and I was upset at how much I liked it. I had high hopes for this sundae. But alas…

    • uglyfood says:

      I enjoyed bacon chocolate too. Somethings shouldn’t be trifled with. I’ve also heard of a bacon martini. You know that’s just going to be terrible.

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