Romanian food

My girlfriend is Romanian, and she decided to cook me a typical Romanian dish. What I’ve learned about Romanian food is that it’s usually pretty heavy. The main dish was bacon wrapped cod fillet on polenta. There were a lot of leftovers. The polenta was interesting, as the girlfriend had no idea how to make it, but neither did I. But thanks to Alton Brown, and the concept of tempering, I created a paste out of the cornmeal and then added it to the boiling water to get a creamy polenta. Don’t try adding cornmeal directly to boiling water – unless you like clumpy polenta. Clumpy polenta is ugly, but I actually liked the lumps.

The Appetizer

Grape and parmesan cheese wrapped in prosciutto


The main course

Bacon wrapped cod with tomato garlic sauce. Sitting on a bed of cheesy polenta.



Dessert (Not Romanian) Store bought


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